Homeowners associations, or HOAs, are organizations (typically incorporated) within a subdivision, planned community, or condominium complex that create and enforce covenants, conditions, and restrictions (also known as CC&Rs). So, anyone that purchases a home within one of these communities automatically becomes a member of the association. Typically, owners pay monthly dues, although some HOAs have quarterly or annual dues.

Residents become officers and operate the HOA as the board of directors. But they may hire an HOA management company to handle the day-to-day activities. These can include things like pool maintenance and common area landscaping. They can also include exterior upkeep, roofing, and other common interest items. In a condominium complex, these may include receiving packages and posts, doorpersons, valet parking, and lobby custodians.

The CC&Rs that the HOA determines become the guide for all sorts of items. And, in a single-family home neighborhood, these might include determining which colors you can paint your home, how tall the grass can be, or where and when you may set out your trash bins. Violations of the CC&Rs often include financial penalties and if so written in the HOA documents, can include litigations.

Dues typically are based on the costs to the association to cover expenses for the association obligations. One big expense is insurance. If you’re in a condominium, the building itself is covered by the association’s insurance. In a neighborhood-type association, the insurance would cover liability over common areas.

Does Laguna Beach Have HOAs?

Many communities within Laguna Beach operate under HOA guidance. You can find a list of Laguna Beach communities with homeowners associations here. And, if you are interested in a home within a homeowners association, let me know. I’ll help you determine if the costs and conditions work for you.

Are There Laguna Beach Homes without HOAs?

Yes! Many homes in Laguna Beach are in areas that pre-date any homeowners associations. But, these homes don’t stay on the market long, though, so if you want a home where you do not pay any HOA dues, snap it up when you see it.

Here are the homes for sale in Laguna Beach with no HOA right now. Check them out. Then, contact me right away to grab it while it’s available.

Laguna Beach Homes for Sale with No HOA!

Below are the homes currently on the market in Laguna Beach with no homeowners’ association.