Whether you’re looking for a place to stay while you search for your new Laguna Beach home, or for a location for your family during the final closing days of your new purchase, here are some great hotels and cottages in Laguna Beach.

Along the Laguna Beach coastline are several charming boutique hotels and delightful cottages. Each location has its own unique features. Several are situated near to the downtown village. Others are in walking distance to one of Laguna Beach’s thirty coves and beaches, restaurants, shopping, and event venues.

You’ll find many boutique and luxury hotel offerings in Laguna Beach. Seven are on the water. This is more than any other beach city in California.

Beachfront Offerings
Guest cottages

One unique feature in Laguna Beach is the numerous local Guest Cottages available for your stay. You’ll find cottages in nearly every Laguna Beach neighborhood. The historic homes with traditional beach architecture give you a taste of classic beach living. And, newer cottages provide all the amenities you and your family need. Or check out these villas on or near the beach.

Air BnB and VRBO

Other vacation rentals are available through airbnb.com and vrbo.com.

So whether you choose a luxury resort, a beach cottage, or a boutique hotel, we’ve got you covered.

Homes Near the Beach

Once you’ve spent some time living on or near our beautiful beach, you’ll find yourself shopping for your forever home. If you haven’t already chosen your Laguna Beach home, here are some excellent properties on or near the beach to fulfill your wish list. I can help you find the home that checks all the boxes. Take a look: