Went Above and Beyond

I contacted 5 Realtors here in town, about renting a home, and the only one to respond was Marcella. I was treated so extremely well by Marcella with her gracious assistance. Marcella went above and beyond in helping me find a rental property. She even was able to negotiate a lower price on a rental by $500. Marcella was extremely informative, showed a great deal of professionalism, and my phone calls were always returned within 20 minutes or less. I never felt pressured, or unimportant on any of my decisions, even though most realtors don’t care to take home rentals, since there is not a lot of money to be made, vs. the work that needs to be put into finding a rental property. Marcella is genuinely on top of her game, working 7 days a week! I absolutely recommend her. One of my favorite traits about her was that there is no Laguna pretentiousness that runs ramped here. Marcella is smart, caring, on top of her game, and has the most amazing work ethic. She treated me with the utmost service and she will most definitely be my realtor when I am ready to purchase a home. Words can’t tell you how thankful I am for Marcella and the amazing work she put into finding me a rental property.