Gave Us Excellent Guidance

We purchased our home in Laguna Beach in early 2018 in a somewhat difficult housing market for buyers (limited supply and relevant comps). We had spent several years narrowing down the area we wanted to find a home in. Along the way, we met with many real estate agents who as can be expected, ranging from amazingly incompetent to those who were very capable and would be a good choice for many buyers. None had made a connection with us until we met Marcella at an open house in 2017. We liked her immediately and felt she was a good fit for us in our search for a new home as she was knowledgeable, thorough, and engaging. During our home search, she gave us excellent guidance, unflagging availability, and deep knowledge about a really wide range of homes that we looked at. Particular high points were helping us navigate with a seller who was a foreign national with limited English skills who was out of the country the entire time we were negotiating the purchase of this home. This was not our first home purchase but it was our first home purchase from a foreign national. This made the process of homebuying more complicated but Marcella never let it become overwhelming for us in spite of our seller behaving in an erratic and sometimes difficult manner. We hope we are in our new home for a long time, but if we were to move, we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Marcella again or give her anything but the highest recommendation.