Goes Far Beyond Any Other Relator

I referred Marcella to one of my best friends and co-worker who was looking to buy a house in Costa Mesa. She had worked with a couple of other realtors prior to Marcella and was very impressed with how quickly Marcella called her, completely researched the area she was interested in, and lined up several places for her to see. Marcella picked up my girlfriend and I took us to every place of interest, and within 6 hours found exactly what my girlfriend wanted in a completely new development. Marcella picked up my girlfriend the next morning, negotiated the deal, and has followed up every day to make sure everything was on track. This has been about 4 weeks since she signed the paperwork, and to this day Marcella goes with my girlfriend to help select everything; she helped her with selecting lighting, electrical, blinds, flooring, and absolutely everything. Marcella goes far beyond any other relator no matter what the price is. This was not a $1 or more million-dollar home, this was a new complex in Costa Mesa that Marcella treated like it was a million-dollar home and to this day she remains 110% involved. If you want someone who will sincerely give you 110% no matter the price or what you need, Marcella is perfect. She deserves over 5 stars!