If budget is not a barrier between you and all that you desire, then you should be able to purchase one of these 12 most expensive luxury homes for sale in Laguna Beach. If not perfect, then perhaps one of the 12 most expensive luxury homes in Laguna Beach may at least hold the potential to become all that you desire. To truly be luxurious, the home should have unobstructed and expansive ocean views. It should open up to the outside and be steps from the ocean and preferably on the sand. 

Luxury homes in North Laguna Beach are often architecturally unique. You may find a decorator’s touch in every room that is both unique and surprising. The home should provide plenty of entertaining space for your guests, and for hosting events for your favorite charities. Or you may prefer a more modern luxury home in South Laguna Beach that will likely include a custom-built wine cellar. It will be essential to have a large finished garage to store some of your favorite toys.

Perhaps you prefer walkability to town and want a luxury home in Laguna Village. In the 12 most expensive homes in Laguna Beach, you should expect to find both his and her bathroom, each themed to match both your personality. It may include separate his and her master bedrooms along with their own his and her custom walk-in closets. The 12 most expensive homes in Laguna Beach are also likely to include a wellness room, a theater room, and a built-in bar.

What defines the 12 most expensive luxury homes in Laguna Beach can vary. In most markets the higher the price of a home, the more luxury features are expected to be included in the home. Sometimes, ample community amenities define luxury homes as in the gated beachfront communities of Laguna Beach. If large and private lots are a must then perhaps you can buy a couple of acres in Laguna Canyon.

The 12 most expensive luxury homes in Laguna Beach are likely determined by location, privacy, ocean view, and proximity to the beach. However, many residents of Laguna Beach have redefined luxury. A small beach cottage and a simple lifestyle may be preferable to the grand larger home. It may lack that large master closet and bathroom space. You may have come to realize, like many Laguna Beach residents, that less is more when you can live by the ocean and enjoy the city and outdoors year-round.